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From The News-Herald

Thousands line Fort Street for 15th annual Cruisin' Downriver

Officially, no one burned rubber all day. Yet, somehow the odor of tires meeting the road still rose in the air for most of Saturday as an estimated 300,000 people gathered along the route of the 15th annual Cruisin' Downriver celebration of all things automotive. The cruise stretches from Outer D...

From The News-Herald

Police report few incidents related to Cruisin' Downriver on Fort Street

When describing a car cruise as "quiet," it's not the adjective organizers would want to hear, but that word is music to the ears of local law enforcement agencies and nearby residents who worry that this kind of event could sometimes get out of hand. The 15th annual Cruisin' Downriver was anything...

From The News-Herald

Photos from 2014 Cruisin' Downriver

The 15th annual Cruisin' Downriver was Saturday and reporters Dave Herndon, Anne Runkle and freelance photographer Constance York took photos during the event. Check out the photos from the day.

From The News-Herald

15th Cruisin' Downriver set to roll out Saturday

It's almost here. Cruisin' Downriver returns to Fort Street for its 15th birthday Saturday morning and car enthusiasts can rest assured -- at least for now -- that Mother Nature won't spoil the annual celebration of the region's automotive heritage. The National Weather Service is forecasting a pa...

From The News-Herald

WOMC announces Cruisin' Downriver broadcast schedule

WOMC-FM has announced its broadcast schedule for the June 28 Cruisin' Downriver. Personalities Bobby and Stacey will open the day from 10 a.m. to noon at E.W. Smith & Auto Owners Insurance, 1717 Fort St., in Wyandotte. They will remain at the agency until 2 p.m. Jim Johnson takes over the broadcas...

From The News-Herald

Dying for barbecue: Local car club founder grillin' with 'Open Casket Bar and Grill

The annual Cruisin' Downriver celebration brings out classic cars of all types. Vehicles of any size or shape traditionally participate, including the macabre. The Nightmare Cruisers Hearse Club will be participating in the cruise again this year as they take over the secondary parking lot at Solos...

From The News-Herald

More events added to 15th Cruisin' Downriver lineup

Events keep rolling in for the 15th Cruisin' Downriver, which returns to Fort Street at 10 a.m. June 28. •WOMC-FM, a title sponsor of the annual celebration of all things with a motor with The News-Herald Newspapers and the Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber, will be broadcasting live through...

From The News-Herald

Lincoln Park plans special events for Cruisin' Downriver

LINCOLN PARK -- A number of bands will play and other special events will celebrate the summer tradition of Cruisin' Downriver. The Lincoln Park Downtown Development Authority is sponsoring several bands outside of Fort Street businesses for the annual event, which will be held this year on June 28...

From The News-Herald

Cruisin' Downriver returns to Riverview after one-year absence

RIVERVIEW -- Through no fault of its own, the city was conspicuously absent from last year's Cruisin' Downriver. Since its inception, the cruise has motored along Fort Street between Outer Drive and Sibley Road, in the cities of Lincoln Park, Southgate, Wyandotte and Riverview. Although several Do...

From The News-Herald

Southgate businesses gear up for Cruisin' Downriver

SOUTHGATE -- Several businesses along Fort Street are hosting activities for the 15th annual Cruisin' Downriver. The cruise officially will begin at 10 a.m. June 28 and loop through Lincoln Park, Riverview, Southgate and Wyandotte. This year, Co-op Services Credit Union, Kmart and Michigan Vehicle...

From The News-Herald

Array of musical acts in Lincoln Park planned for Cruisin' Downriver

There will be plenty to do and see before and during the 15th annual Cruisin' Downriver in its northernmost city. Several businesses in Lincoln Park, where the cruise reaches its turnaround point June 28, will host musical acts the night before and during the yearly celebration of all things with...

From The News-Herald

Cruisin' Downriver always a great day for pictures

Classic cars will soon cruise Fort Street and fans will line the sidewalks to enjoy the show as the 15th annual Cruisin' Downriver will be June 28. Last year, The News-Herald Newspapers was there and the cameras were clicking away taking pictures of the

From The News-Herald

Cruisin' Downriver preparations rev up as 15th annual event nears

Cruisin' Downriver is fully into its teens and organizers are revving up for what they expect to be a great 15th birthday. The annual cruise along Fort Street returns to four cities June 28 with the support of title sponsors The News-Herald Newspapers, the Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber and...

From The News-Herald

Crusin' Downriver 2014 date set

The annual Cruisin' Downriver will be held June 28, 2014. The News-Herald will have more details closer to the day of the event....

Classic cars line streets of Clarkston in honor of car buff

CLARKSTON — At least 10 shiny classic cars paraded down Dixie Highway Monday afternoon to honor one of the area’s better known car buffs, Herbert Bruce “Spanky” Sandlin. Mr. Sandlin, 59, of Holly, died in his sleep Wednesday morning. Following his funeral at Lewis E. Wint & Son Funeral Home...

From The Oakland Press

Local communities ready for cruisers this weekend

Waterford resident Jay Vorobel comes from a long line of car enthusiasts. "My dad is a retired engineer from Chrysler, and while he was at Chrysler, he was a member of the Ramchargers drag racing team," said Vorobel, vice president of Waterford's Contract Professionals Inc. "My mother used to rac...

From The Oakland Press

Fans gather for Woodward Dream Cruise

Most metro residents realize people line Woodward Avenue the nights leading up to Saturday's big Dream Cruise, but many "including out-of-staters" find a prime spot to check out the cars during the day. A regular Dream Cruise attendee for the past 15 years, Cliff Moberg from Hartland, Wis., had s...

From The Oakland Press

Photo slideshow: History of the Woodward Dream Cruise

We dug into our archives at The Oakland Press and we've shared some of our many photos from the Woodward Dream Cruise. Here is the slideshow, looking at the classic cars and the people who love them. You'll find purple gems, several pink Cadillacs, a little bit of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe...

From The Oakland Press

History of the Woodward Dream Cruise

What started as a small fundraiser for a soccer field has grown into the world's largest automotive event, bringing more than one million people to Oakland County. This year marks the 19th annual Woodward Dream Cruise. In August of 1995, retired plumber Nelson House was setting up fundraising to...

From The Oakland Press

Where Dream Cruisers can go for a fill-up

Most Woodward Dream Cruise drivers know where to get fuel for their cars but finding fuel for oneself? That can be a mighty task especially for visitors who might not know the area. With that in mind, we assembled a group of experts, a drive-in diners dream team if you will, who not only have years ...

From The Oakland Press

Jewish Senior Life revs up for the Senior Dream Cruise

The annual Senior Dream Cruise at Jewish Senior Life's Applebaum campus, West Bloomfield was a drive down memory lane for the hundreds of older adults gathered to watch some of their favorite automobiles cruise by. Every summer, Jewish Senior Life brings the Dream Cruise to its residents — many...

From The Oakland Press

Mother’s legacy lives on during Woodward Dream Cruise

Not many people can say their mom drag raced cars in the 1960s and later rebuilt the engine of the family’s 1962 Chrysler 300 Sport sedan. Denielle Armstrong of Bloomfield Hills can and she proudly lets people know about her mother Anne Armstrong and Anne’s beloved Chrysler car known as the ...

From The Oakland Press

Rescue vehicles to cruise Woodward Saturday night to help any drivers in need

A special squad of technicians will be cruising Woodward Avenue on Saturday to help keep cruisers whose cars stall, overheat or run out of gas. The Chevrolet Certified Service Rescue Squad provided by Buff Whelan, Gordon, Les Stanford, Mary Feldman and Suburban Chevrolet will travel up and down W...

From The Oakland Press

Duggan's Irish Pub is a Dream Cruise favorite

Since the 1950s cars have been cruising up and down Woodward Avenue from Ted’s Drive In to The Totem Pole and back. Since then another popular spot can be found on Woodward — Duggan’s Irish Pub. The busiest stretch of the Woodward Dream Cruise is between 13 and 15 mile roads on Woodward rig...

From The Oakland Press

Ferndale provides fun for the entire Dream Cruise

Ferndale is the only Dream Cruise city hosting three days of entertainment —August 15 - 17, for the public to enjoy. The city will provide entertainment for guests before and during the Woodward Dream Cruise. With the Cruise going through downtown, it gives Ferndale the perfect opportunity to ...

From The Oakland Press

Motorcycle cruise to honor fallen heroes

Pastor Douglas P. Jones, President of the Greater Pontiac Community Coalition and Coordinator of the Pontiac segment of the "Make the Loop" Woodward Dream Cruise, is organizing a special motorcycle cruise in support of our fallen heroes to be held in Pontiac on Friday. Registration begins at 5:30 p....

From The Oakland Press

Chevrolet Certified Service ready to rescue at Woodward Dream Cruise

Five 2014 Chevrolet Silverados are staffed with technicians to help dream cruisers. The Chevrolet Certified Service Rescue Squad will be cruising Woodward Avenue on Saturday to help keep things moving by lending an assist to beautiful classic cruisers that stall, overheat or run out of gas. "It...

From The Oakland Press

White Lake Township man ready for Woodward Dream Cruise

Abelardo “Leftie” Frias of White Lake Township stands next to his silver 1985 Corvette, which he plans to drive in this weekend’s Woodward Dream Cruise. The 87-year-old Pontiac Motors retiree and his wife Joyce plan to volunteer at the historic St. Vincent DePaul Church on Woodward, where c...

From The Oakland Press

Pontiac bubbling over with activities for Dream Cruise

At this year's Woodward Dream Cruise, downtown Pontiac promises to be a hotbed of guttural exhausts, chirping tires and dazzling chrome. Classic car shows, a motorcycle cruise, car cruise and entertainment will cater to gearheads visiting downtown Pontiac, which has seen a influx of new businesse...

Countdown begins for Gratiot Cruise

In the 10 years the Gratiot Cruise in Clinton Township has been in existence, the event has become established as the undisputed leader of Macomb County’s organized car cruises. More than a parade of classic cars driving by, the cruise has turned into a 2.5-mile-long block party for the entire ...

Macomb Daily set to livestream from Gratiot Cruise

Can’t make it to the Gratiot Cruise in Clinton Township on Sunday? No worries — you can still check out the classic cars, hot rods, pace cars and other wheeled contraptions from the comfort of your home. That’s because for the first time, The Macomb Daily in partnership with MichiganLive...

From The Oakland Press

Classic car show returns to Columbia Center in Troy

Supercharged sports cars, historical classics and uncommon oddities alike will be featured at the 6th annual Troy Traffic Jam on Aug. 4. The annual classic car show held at the Columbia Center, 201 W. Big Beaver in Troy will feature more than 200 cars. The event benefits the Troy Historic Village...

From The News-Herald

KIBBY: Classic Car Show one of Allen Park DDA's many successes

On behalf of the Allen Park Downtown Development Authority, I would like to thank everyone for another great Classic Car Show July 10. It was a wonderful evening downtown, thanks to the great turnout from car owners and enthusiasts alike. The annual Classic Car Show is one of the many benefits th...

From The News-Herald

CAUGHT IN THE WEB: Cruisin’ Downriver revisited

What was hot this week? Pictures. Pictures of cars to be more specific. Cruisin’ Downriver was June 29 and we had multimedia journalists Dave Herndon and Erica McClain, along with News-Herald freelance photographer Dave Chapman, snapping a lot of photos. We shared those pictures on our Media...

From The News-Herald

CAUGHT IN THE WEB: Cruisin' Downriver and candidate videos

By the time you see this, I'll be sitting on a warm beach with a cool drink enjoying a much-deserved vacation. Though that doesn’t mean that you shouldn't be checking out our website, We've got a lot of cool features that you won't find in the print editions of the paper. ...

From The News-Herald

CRUISIN' DOWNRIVER 2013: Classic car owners, enthusiasts gear up for 14th annual cruise

Construction again will alter the route when Cruisin’ Downriver returns to the area Saturday for a 14th straight year, but it shouldn’t keep classic car owners and enthusiasts from enjoying one of the region’s biggest days. The continuing reconstruction of Fort Street compelled ...

From The News-Herald

CRUISIN' DOWNRIVER 2013: The abridged story of the origin of Cruisin' Downriver

“As a chamber guy, I was always a little bit more aware of how the Downriver area was portrayed in the media of southeast Michigan, “Clemente said. “My bigger issue, too, was we needed a signature event and the cruise is good for the summer.” There were some issues with businesses on ...

From The News-Herald

CRUISIN' DOWNRIVER 2013: Classic Car Etiquette: Look but don't touch

"Look but don’t touch" is a sign often seen at car shows and cruise nights. The reason for this is that car owners have invested many hours of time — and lots of money — in their vehicles and they don’t want them damaged. To ensure that you don’t damage any...

From The News-Herald

How to buy a classic car

OK, you’re going to do it. You’ve decided it’s time. You are going to buy that classic vehicle you’ve wanted for years. Great! But remember: Before you spend all that hard-earned money, you must take some steps to spend it wisely. There are some things to be considered before...

From The News-Herald

SOUTHGATE: New for 2013: Live streaming of Cruisin' Downriver

SOUTHGATE — If you can’t make it to the 14th Cruisin’ Downriver, we’ll bring it to you. The News-Herald Newspapers and Busen’s Appliance in Lincoln Park are teaming to live stream three hours of coverage during Saturday’s annual cruise through Lincoln Park, Wya...

From The Oakland Press

Packard enthusiasts flock to Pontiac for convention

PONTIAC More than 500 car enthusiasts will cruise into town this weekend bringing their once-luxurious Packard cars back to life. The Packard Automobile Club national convention will be Sunday through Friday at the Marriott Centerpoint Hotel at 3600 Centerpoint Pkwy. in Pontiac. An interna...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: 1951 Chevy is all original

WYANDOTTE — A promise kept, when city resident Lew Ferrell and his dad started working on his dad’s 1951 Chevrolet it was clear the car was to stay as original as possible — and Ferrell plans to keep it that way. "Many people have asked me why I haven’t put a big bloc...

From The Oakland Press

New apps aim to make buying a used car more transparent

Americans looking to buy a used car can turn to two new smartphone apps that provide wholesale prices, which the app makers say can help them negotiate a better deal. The apps give the wholesale, or auction value, of a car when it scans the vehicle's identification number (VIN), which is found on...

Model Ts birthplace hangs on 110 years after Ford Motor Co. was founded

DETROIT — The area surrounding the Ford Piquette Plant doesn’t look like much today. Just north of the city’s Cultural Center and bounded by Woodward Avenue and the Edsel Ford and Chrysler freeways, the building is surrounded by warehouses, small shops and two mostly rotting build...

Piquette plant open for visits

he Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is at 461 Piquette Avenue, between Beaubien and Brush Streets. Its open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and noon to 4 p.m. Sundays April 1 through Nov. 21. Admission Adults: $10 Seniors: $9 Students with ID: $5 Chidlren ...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: Flat Rock resident has pair of Woodies

FLAT ROCK — Not all Woodies spend their life with a surf board strapped on top cruising up and down the California coast. At least one of them spends its time cruising the roads of Flat Rock and other Downriver communities. The one that is seen in these parts belongs to Flat Rock resident ...

From The Oakland Press

Cruisers revved up for this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise Aug. 17

With temperatures rocketing from jungle steam to autumn chill over the past few weeks, car cruisers have stayed in garages, said Waterfords Bill Fry. Its been a slow start for cruising, said Fry, 53, a member of the North Oakland Bowties car club. But Junes promise of warmth has Fry who own...

From The Oakland Press

Party time for Corvette owners

At the Corvettes on Woodward event, Aug. 14-17, Larry and Verna Courtney will again welcome more than 500 Corvette owners to the Radisson Detroit-Bloomfield Hills for the Woodward Dream Cruise. On opening day attendees bring canned food that benefits the Open Hands Food Pantry in Royal Oak. We u...

From The News-Herald

INSIDE AUTO: 2013 Cadillac XTS: a new definition of the big American car

This is a good, modern replacement for the Cadillac large sedans. Long-time large-Cadillac owners may offer resistance, because they feel that a car this expensive ought to have a V8 engine. But a modern, direct-injection V6 engine produces quite enough power. Younger buyers know this engine&rsqu...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: Restoration of ‘33 Ford took longer than planned

FLAT ROCK — Some things take longer to finish than hoped or planned for. Such is the case for Lee Jackson and his 1933 Ford. "I built the car in my 24-by-24 garage," Jackson said. "I did everything myself except for the interior. I just can’t sew." Jackson cho...

From The News-Herald

Our Cruisin’ Downriver Kick-Off Car Show

It’s summer, and in Downriver that means Cruisin’ time. Many car shows have been popping up all over the place already and will continue to do so until fall. These are great places to see and be seen for the car crowd, but the big daddy of car shows will be rolling along Fort Street th...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: Southgate man's 1941 Willys is completely custom

SOUTHGATE — Everyone seems to have what they believe is the best hot rod. For Rick Caruso, there is little doubt what his is as he has one he drives. "My favorite hot rod style of all time is the 1941 Willys," he said. "The only problem I have with it is that I have to ...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: Ecorse resident trades horsepower for comfort with El Camino

CORSE — Many people are loyal to certain makes of cars, and that certainly includes Bo Blevins from Ecorse, who has owned and driven Hemi-powered cars for what seems like forever. So when Blevins showed up in his 1970 Chevrolet SS 454 El Camino, people asked him. Why? His answer? &qu...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: Island resident has pair of dream cars

GROSSE ILE TWP. — When people are young, there are vehicles they fall in love with but just can’t have. Youth, a lack of cash or other circumstances often keep them from their dreams. Some people are lucky enough later in their life to finally get the car of their dreams. One such...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: Post WWII British sports cars still have following in USA

TRENTON — After WWII GIs returned from England with a love of British sports car and many of them were imported into the USA. These cars still have a loyal following. One such follower is Trenton resident John Gervasi, a proud owner of a fine example of early British sports car with his 1...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: Pair of classic cars keep family together despite separate rides

LINCOLN PARK — It has been said, a family that plays together stays together. If that is true, the Dilega family will stay together forever. Lincoln Park residents Tony Dilega, and his wife, Amber each attends car shows and cruises in their own classic car. Their son Mason also attend...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: Dream of driving Route 66 draws closer for owner of 1962 Corvette

LINCOLN PARK — Dreams usually don’t just happen overnight. They take time and lots of work. For Boyd Chapman, his dream of driving a classic Corvette to California along historic Route 66 is getting closer. The work began 11 years ago when he found a 1962 Corvette. "...

From The Oakland Press

100 years of Aston Martin culminate in CC100 concept

Aston Martin’s hundredth birthday just crept up on you, didn’t it? The marque celebrated the milestone in a decidedly less extravagant fashion than Lamborghini’s recent fiftieth-anniversary blowout, but the result was very much in character. The CC100 Speedster Concept brings toget...

From The Oakland Press

Gearing up for AutoRama

Weekend car show excites enthusiasts

John Skorupski wanted a Pontiac GTO when he was a teenager in the mid-1960s, but the cost of insurance was too high. He finally bought a 1965 hardtop two years ago, and last year sent in his first-ever entry to this years AutoRama. The White Lake man received the call last September that his car ...

From The Oakland Press

Ford's C-MAX Energi is a plug-in hybrid that doesn't skimp on power TECH TIME AUTO REVIEW

As cars go more and more green, all of the automakers are battling to be the most fuel-efficient; After all, who wants to pay for gas more often than you have to? One company that has made large strides in this area in recent years is Ford, which has garnered a lot of attention for their 2013 off...

From The Oakland Press

Winner of 'Cruisin' Oakland' sweepstakes enjoys day at Auto Show

This year, the auto show had the best attendance in nine years, and Shelby Township resident Maria Wasikowski said thats her favorite part of the show that it brings thousands of people to Detroit. I like that its in the City of Detroit. It makes me proud to be from the area. Its nice to see...

From The Oakland Press

Sandra Aquilinas 1934 Ford with a 350 H.O. Chevy engine

At first glance, Sandra Aquilina is a girly-girl. The retired manicurists hair was in a curly ponytail, and she wore a trendy bandana headband. But, when she began describing her 1934 Ford, Aquilina meant business. Its a 1934 Ford with a 350 H.O. Chevy engine, 700 r4 transmission, and 4:11 gea...

From The Oakland Press

Woodward Dreamin': Readers show off their classic rides before the big cruise

Clarkston resident Wendell Stringer and his 1955 Buick Clarkston resident Wendell Stringer will be driving a 55 Buick in the Woodward Dream Cruise. Stringer, 74, paid $8,000 for the car a decade ago. He said he saw the car was being auctioned by Southern Motors at a Woodward Dream Cruise h...

From The Oakland Press

Most Woodward Dream Cruise cities pay thousands to host the event

While touted as a free event for visitors, the 18-mile Woodward Dream Cruise from Pontiac to Ferndale — set for Saturday — impacts the budgets of most of the nine host communities along the Woodward Avenue route. Costs range from police patrol to public works cleanup. Police close Woo...

From The Oakland Press

Automakers letting no Woodward Dream Cruise opportunity drive by

General Motors, Chrysler and Ford are going all out for the Woodward Dream Cruise this year, with a full slate of events that goes right through the week until the big day on Saturday. Chevrolet, the presenting sponsor of the Dream Cruise, plans to emphasize one of its iconic vehicles, the Corvet...

From The Oakland Press

Woodward Dream Cruise is ready to rev on

The roar of classic car engines will once again fill the air up and down Woodward Avenue this week as the region gears up for Saturdays Woodward Dream Cruise. The number 18 has significance this year its the 18th anniversary of the massive 18-mile-long car cruise happening Aug. 18. Were look...

From The Oakland Press

Dealership specializes in classic Cruisers

Vern Roberts opened his classic car dealership, Southern Motors, in 1978, long before anyone imagined the Woodward Dream Cruise. But you could say the two share a common bond. There is always a lot of excitement around the event, said Dave Witt, sales manager at the Clarkston-based dealership at...

From The Oakland Press

The Banshees visit Cruise Night at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum

Wes Cogger has run a car enthusiasts club for more than 50 years. We call ourselves The Banshees, said Cogger of White Lake Township, who owns eight classic cars and plans to drive his 1934 Plymouth Coupe to the Walter P. Chrysler Museums first of three Cruise Nights (weather permitting) in ...

From The Oakland Press

Room is key to Chrysler 200 Convertible

Buyers of Chrysler’s 200 Convertible get a lot of room and style for the money. Stretching more than 16 feet long, the two-door, 2012 200 Convertible has room for four passengers — complete with a back seat that has more legroom than the back seat of a 2012 Ford Mustang Convertible.

Gratiot Cruise celebrates 10th birthday on Sunday

Clinton Townships Gratiot Cruise turns 10 on Sunday and organizers will hold a special free birthday celebration for youngsters in attendance. CONTRIBUTE Story Ideas Send Corrections There will be birthday cupcakes and hats, and the Happy Birthday song at the beginning of each hour starting ...

Gratiot Cruise to go rain or shine on Sunday

Anyone not going to the Gratiot Cruise in Clinton Township on Sunday organizers hope those are few should avoid Gratiot Avenue between 14 Mile and Wellington Crescent about noon when some streets will be closed for the opening activities including a childrens pedal car ride and VIP parade. CO...

Gratiot Cruise pre-parties start

The countdown to the 10th annual Clinton Township Gratiot Cruise kicks off today as a weeks worth of pre-cruise car shows begins at Chelis Chili Bar with live entertainment, carside food service, a corn hole tournament, and prizes including Detroit Tigers tickets. CONTRIBUTE Story Ideas Send C...

From The Oakland Press

Royal Oak father passes on his passion for cars

Root beer floats and footlong coney dogs are not the only things luring the Herman family to the A&W in Clawson on Thursday nights. My kids really enjoy the Cruise Nights there, Pat Herman of Royal Oak said. Herman, an automotive supplier and true car lover, said he likes to involve his childr...

From The Oakland Press

Kick off weekend fun in Pontiac with classic car cruise

Your weekend fun begins on Friday. The Pontiac Downtown Business Association invites all classic car enthusiasts to the weekly Cruisers n the Loop within historic downtown Pontiac. Free reserved event parking for cruisers is provided along Saginaw Street, with assistance in parking your clas...

From The Oakland Press

Car enthusiasts revved up for Chrysler Museum Cruise Night

Wes Cogger has run a car enthusiasts club for more than 50 years. We call ourselves The Banshees, said Cogger of White Lake Township, who owns eight classic cars and plans to drive his 1934 Plymouth Coupe to the Walter P. Chrysler Museums first of three Cruise Nights (weather permitting) in...

From The News-Herald

WOMC coming Downriver again

Oldies radio station WOMC-FM (104.3) will again have a major presence at the 13th annual Cruisin Downriver and its third annual Cruisin Downriver Kickoff Car Show. Beau Daniels will broadcast from 3 to 7 p.m. at the car show Thursday in the parking lots of Yack Recreation Center and Chase bank, ...

From The News-Herald

Car Shows and Cruises calendar

Car shows and cruises Submit car show listings to Joe Slezak at Weekly Events Tuesday Night Car Cruise, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays at the Emerald Square Shopping Center, North Line at Pardee roads, Taylor. There will be 50-50 drawings, food, beverages and discounts fr...

From The News-Herald

Southern Wayne Chamber to host kickoff party

The Southern Wayne County Regional Chambers monthly After Business, Ours networking event will be a party a 50s Cruisin Downriver Kickoff Party, to be exact. While the Kickoff Car Show is running outside, the party will run from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Yack Recreation Center, 3131 Third St., Wy...

From The Oakland Press

Spyder 'i' concept shows both power and range

BMW showed the third prong in its electric vehicle offensive under the banner of its BMW i sub-brand in at the Beijing Auto Show in late April. Having already shown its i3 sedan and i8 coupe at the recent New York auto show, the striking i8 Spyder Concept bowed in China, showing that BMW is seriou...

From The News-Herald

Kickoff Car Show set for Thursday

The third annual Cruisin’ Downriver Kickoff Car Show will run from 4 to 8 p.m. Thursday in the neighboring city-owned parking lots of Yack Recreation Center and Chase bank, Eureka Road at Third Street, Wyandotte.
Four trophies will be presented: From the Southern Wayne County Regional Ch...

From The News-Herald

Downriver Cruise set for June 30; despite construction

The show must and will go on. The 13th annual Cruisin Downriver runs from 10 a.m. to dusk June 30 despite construction on Fort Street. The route runs between Outer Drive and Sibley Road through Lincoln Park, Southgate, Wyandotte and Riverview. Although much of the construction is focused in ...

From The News-Herald

30 Cars in 30 Days: '68 Ford Galaxie

New classic car makes for happy couple

HURON TWP. No matter how much you like your classic car, there are some reasons that you know its time for it to go. Rod Hopper, retired principal of Huron High School, was the proud owner of a 1966 Ford Mustang for years. Recently, it was replaced with a 1968 Ford Galaxie. I have had the Musta...

From The Oakland Press

Want a used truck? Why not?

Buying a used truck isn’t like heading down to the used car lot and picking out a creampuff. While a vehicle’s history is always interesting and worth knowing, with a truck its more critical. If you’re buying a pickup truck, you probably have something you want it to do for you...

From The Oakland Press

Magic cars: With GTI, Volkswagen invented the hot hatchback

Today the concept of a small car that offers economy, some utility, and an emphasis on fun mundane, but once upon a time, that was the stuff of fantasy for American driving enthusiasts. Volkswagen had been tantalizing us for almost a half dozen years with reports of a Volkswagen Golf (we called i...

From The Oakland Press

Sales figures that might actually mean something isnt really interested in sales figures of the automakers because, well, business news is pretty boring when compared to giving you the goods on hot new product. Still, even fyidriving.coms eyes grew wide with some of the June sales figures being thrown around by some car compan...

From The Oakland Press

Sales figures that might actually mean something


From The Oakland Press

2013 Porsche 911 Carrera: Perfection at last

The Porsche 911 appears to defy all automotive and racing logic. This rear-engine-design, rear-wheel drive sports coupe hasnt just remained unchanged in spirit for the past 49 years, all the while competing with the elite sports cars of the automotive world; its consistently been one of the best. ...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: '41 Willys

WOODHAVEN Willys from the 1940s have long been a favorite of hot-rodders, and if you have seen Lenny Chmajs flamed 1941 Willys, youd know why. Chmaj acquired his 1941 Willys a few years back by trading his 1953 Chevrolet Corvette replica for it. The Willys that Chmaj traded for features a ...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: ’26 Tall T

WYANDOTTE — Over the years, John Payne has sat behind the wheel of more than one classic muscle car that has had his name on the title. And there’s no doubt more than one them drew stares from people as he drove by. However, none have gotten the looks of his latest his 1926 Model T, c...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: '57 Ford Custom 300

Finding Ford Custom 300 makes owner very happy

FLAT ROCK — Pat Haener has been involved with muscle and classic cars since the mid-1970s. The 1957 Ford Custom 300 he now owns has been in his possession for more than a decade and probably will be for much longer. "I was looking at Chevelles, Camaros and Fairlanes," Haener said....

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: '72 Chevrolet Camaro RS

Taylor resident finds classic car of his dreams

TAYLOR Ray Hood Jr. has always been a fan of early American muscle cars and wanted one of his own. He did own a 1971 Chevrolet Nova. However, seeing as the Nova was powered by a six-cylinder engine, there wasnt enough muscle for him and the car didnt stick around very long. About six years...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: '34 Ford Sedan

Classic Ford owner is loyal to his former employer

RIVERVIEW — There are many early Fords from the 1920s and ‘30s where the owners have taken the easy way out and replaced the stock engine with a small-block Chevrolet. Steve Suyak said would never think of doing anything like that. "I worked for Ford and find that they are very...

From The News-Herald

30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: '55 Ford F-100

RIVERVIEW Trucks always have been popular vehicles because they not only are stylish, they can be quite useful. This even applies to classic trucks. Among the more popular trucks from the past are the fat fender Ford F-100s from the 1950s. Joe Beck happens to be an owner of a 1955 Ford F-100...

Lexus throws in the towel on the nearly new HS250h

The news that Toyotas Lexus division is canceling the HS250h hybrid sedan doesnt exactly shock Sales of the gasoline-electric which was new to market for the 2010 model year failed to take off as hybrid customers have either stuck with the much thriftier Toyota Prius or spent...

From The Oakland Press

How will adding supercharger affect gas type?

Q: If I add a supercharger to my engine, how will it affect the type of gas I need to use? I have a Dodge thats a few years old and can get a supercharger to fit it from a friend who needs the money. What will this do in the way of increasing power and how does it change the fuel requirement? Han...

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Toyota clawing back marketshare never believed for a second that Toyotas recent problems with vehicle recalls and manufacturing delays related to the recent tsunami in Japan would keep the company down for long. Following a rocky 2011, Toyota is surging back so far in 2012 and is reclaiming much of its lost marke...

From The Oakland Press

Pontiac, Oakland and GMC vehicle owners are invited to attend the 23rd annual Spring Dust-Off Car Show in Davisburg

Classic car owners around the region are tuning up engines in anticipation of the 24th annual Spring Dust-Off Car Show on Saturday, June 9. The event, sponsored by Michigan Widetrackers, Chapter 16 of the Pontiac-Oakland Club International, brings out Pontiac, Oakland and GMC vehicles to the Spring...

From The Oakland Press

Show off your classic car

Show off your classic car at and your photo may be selected for use in the print edition. The Oakland Press is seeking photos of classic cars at cruise events throughout the season. There are several ways to submit photos email them to with CruisinOC i...

From The Oakland Press

Pontiac, Oakland and GMC vehicle owners are invited to attend the 23rd annual Spring Dust-Off Car Show in Davisburg


From The Oakland Press

Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour arrives in Michigan

Oakland and Macomb county communities are waving the starting flag for the 18th annual Hot Rod Magazine Power Tours arrival in Michigan as the famed automotive tour rides into the General Motors Proving Grounds in Milford this weekend. Associated events including some that start today will be held...

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